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At Meisel Tuteur & Lewis we reach our goals when we help you reach yours.

To accomplish this, our Audit and Assurance practice offers a distinctive approach to auditing that strives for much more than compliance with industry standards and regulations. Instead, we concentrate on addressing the individual needs of privately-owned companies like yours, determined to provide you with an exceptional, personalized accounting and audit experience along with insights on industry trends, opportunities and challenges. 

Over the decades we have nurtured a culture that seamlessly combines quality, integrity, innovation and practical advice along with industry, business and technical skills and expertise. Additionally, clients appreciate the institutional knowledge and experience that our seasoned professionals bring to every engagement. After all, a veteran team works efficiently, and cost effectively, adding value that comes with years immersed in the corporate community.

With an emphasis on a responsive, proactive communication style, we have been able to we differentiate the firm and build lasting and meaningful relationships founded on trust that deliver helpful insights and solutions in these fundamental areas:

Financial Statement Reporting

At MTL we are well-known for providing quality financial reporting that empowers our clients to make informed business decisions along with navigating the complex compliance aspects of financial reporting. Our services include:

  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, and Periodic financial statement preparation services (monthly or quarterly management account statements preparation and delivery)
  • Audit and Assurance Services for all clients that must address financial statement reporting requirements (investor, lender, or statutory/regulatory compliance driven) such as:
    • Financial Statement Audits 
    • Reviews 
    • Compilations 
    • Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs)

Business Start-up Services

New business owners and entrepreneurs like you value our proactive approach which helps you get off to a good start. Smart decisions from the beginning set the foundation for a successful and profitable future. That is why we urge you to pay special attention as we offer to guide you through:

  • Selecting a Business Organization (whether to choose sole proprietorship, partnership, or company/corporation (LP, LLC, Corp., etc.)
  • Developing an Organization Chart and Corporate Structure 
  • Setting up Payroll and related Employment Guidance Services
  • Assisting with Registration with Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Establishing Statutory/regulatory compliance
  • Designing Internal Controls and Processes 
  • Providing Financial Statements, Forecasts and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Addressing Guardianship and Court Accountings as needed

Private Equity and Hedge Fund Administration

Business leaders like you appreciate the value of the full-service approach that you experience at MT&L as a fund decision-maker.  We deliver the complete spectrum of services that are most valued by you, and as a result, you enjoy the benefits of working with a firm that is familiar with your long-time strategy and goals. Because of our low turnover, you are assured that the professionals on your team will work with you throughout the entire process, delivering your audit as well as tax planning and compliance and business insights on trends and changes in the industry. We apply this uniquely personalized approach to hedge funds, general partnerships and individuals. As a result of the continuity of our relationship with you, you gain the benefit of access to a clear vision and effective insights based on constant interaction with you.  

Outsourced Accounting

At Meisel Teuter & Lewis we have a diverse team of professionals who address the diverse needs of our clients. For those business leaders who prefer to outsource their accounting functions rather than support them internally, we offer a cost-effective, efficient approach through our outsourcing practice. In this way we ensure a seamless, smooth process through the implementation of a convenient outsourcing alternative while maintaining the familiarity and comfort of an in-house process.    

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

At Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis we recognize that assessing and reevaluating employee benefit plans is an ongoing process and requires constant monitoring and review.  With the Department of Labor (“DOL”) and Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) constantly changing laws and regulations, engaging with a knowledgeable partner like MT&L, a firm backed by years of hands-on experience providing companies with tailored plan blueprints and assistance with plan execution, is of the upmost importance.  

You can be confident that we strive for more than just compliance with DOL, committed instead to considering your personal needs as a client while striving to provide you with an exceptional audit experience that is efficient, stress free and promises no-surprises.  

Backed by years of experience in accounting and taxation, our dedicated team of employee benefit plan auditors is comprised of experienced industry professionals who apply an independent, risk-based focus to each engagement.  At MT&L, our specialized practitioners are known for maintaining their current knowledge of applicable professional standards, rules and regulations for ERISA employee benefit plan audits. Over the years we have expanded our services to best serve you with the following menu of essential services:   

  • Performing audit, accounting and tax services (such as Form 5500, Form 990, Form 990-T, Form 5330, Form 8955-SSA)
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Addressing agreed upon procedures
  • Evaluating compliance with DOL and other regulations and standards
  • Reviewing internal controls 
  • Developing best practices


It is through these core competencies that we are able to identify and monitor the issues affecting our clients’ employee benefit plans.  We are recognized for our ability to work with a range of employee benefit plans, including these three key categories:

Defined contribution plans

  • 401(k) plans
  • Health and welfare benefit plans
  • Money purchase pension plans
  • Multiple employer plans
  • Profit sharing plans

Defined benefit plans

  • Cash balance plans
  • Health plans and welfare plans
  • Multiple employer plans
  • Pension plans

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

  • Leveraged ESPOs
  • Nonleveraged ESPOs

Our reputation speaks for itself.

Our credentials extend to membership in the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC) is a firm-based voluntary membership Center designed to ensure that CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality ERISA audits and are held to the highest industry standards.   In order to obtain this accreditation and become members of the EBPAQC, we had to meet the rigid membership requirements established by the Executive Committee and approved by the AICPA Board of Directors.  This includes meeting the quality control standards requirement for monitoring, establishing annual internal inspection procedures that include a review of the firms ERISA employee benefit plan audit practice, and continuing professional educational requirements. 

We are proud of the legacy we have maintained since the 1940s and of our consistent reputation for excellent technical services, industry acumen and client care.