Professional Services

From law firms to physician practices to engineers and architects, our years of experience helping professional service firms by offering suggestions across the entire life cycle of the practice– from forming a partnership through negotiating a merger or acquisition – is exactly what these firms need to thrive.

Whether you are a lawyer, healthcare provider, insurance provider, engineer or an architect, we are confident that you will benefit from our years of expertise assisting a wide range of clients in the professional services field. 

Over the decades we have accumulated a thorough understanding of the issues and concerns you face – and our own experiences as a professional services firm broadens our perspective even further!  In fact, many of the insights and recommendations we offer you have been tested and refined in our own New Jersey practice. Leveraging our experiences, we can provide first-hand advice on how to launch, grow, and lead a successful, profitable, and sustainable professional services firm.  

Clients like you appreciate that we consistently provide the critical ongoing accounting and tax services needed to address obstacles and leverage opportunities that appear on your radar screen throughout the year, whether anticipated or unexpected. 

But in addition to providing the normal continuum of service offerings, we are alert to your changing needs, recognizing the emergence of newly evolving trends.  From large multi-location offices to boutique practices, we will take your individual situation and your industry sector into consideration as we carefully scrutinize the data, conduct an in-depth evaluation and discuss exciting new approaches with you. 

You may be thinking about selling your practice or purchasing a competing firm. You may be contemplating merging into a larger practice, or growing by acquiring a smaller practice that fills a gap in your own firm. But regardless of whether you are thinking of buying or selling, merging or acquiring, growing or retiring, we will conduct the analysis needed to support your decision as together we seek to determine the best move for you. 

We help you find the right fit, based on our understanding of the impact of your age, your health, your personal financial situation and the influence of family wealth, changing industry demands and, most importantly, your short and long term personal goals.  During the negotiation stage, our clients occasionally request that we engage in conversations with other interested parties (as needed) to expedite any communication problems or confer on key accounting issues and/or tax regulations, in order to arrive at a smart solution that addresses everyone’s issues, ensuring timely and efficient decisions. We are glad to assist and help to ensure a seamless process.

Our distinctive blend of ongoing accounting and tax strategy and compliance services combined with specific, specialized consulting services gives you access to greater choices and more flexibility as you seek the right fit for your firm. To ensure you are taking advantage of every available opportunity, we will draw on a combination of critical services that include:   

  • Accounting systems consulting
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and dissolutions
  • Partner compensation plans
  • Partnership agreements
  • Profit enhancement
  • Retirement planning
  • Succession planning
  • Tax planning

We will ask probing questions, balance all options, discuss what makes sense from a financial, tax and business viewpoint, and address a wide range of implications as you continue to build your plans for the future.