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Culture is what counts!

Every business organization develops its own culture. This concept is often defined as “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular group of people.”

At Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis, we are exceptionally proud of the culture we have built over the decades. We are proud to say that our efforts have resulted in an industry high retention rate among our staff.  In fact, the average tenure of our professionals is over eight years, far in excess of the standards common to other CPA firms. 

There is a good reason for our success

Our employees tell us that the most important attributes that they seek out in their career journey give them the opportunity to grow, to produce meaningful work, to forge strong relationships both inside and outside of the firm, to have access to role models who consistently provide the tools and knowledge needed for their professional and personal advancement and, finally, to be well-treated and respected.  

The opportunity to grow and produce meaningful work

At MT&L, all our staff members play an integral role on every client project. As a mid-size firm, we maintain small, nimble teams so that each professional has the chance to develop many skills without being forced into a narrowly defined space. In this way every person contributes to the success of the engagement and every person has the opportunity to cultivate a variety of technical skills and gain a depth of industry experience as well.  

With exposure to every aspect of the engagement, our professionals quickly gain a broader perspective, a deeper understanding of the client’s business and its strengths and weaknesses beyond the financial data and enjoy a more rewarding experience. Our staff is not funneled into specific channels, nor asked to focus on one small task in a complicated assignment. Instead, they see the big picture, understand the part their contributions to the overall engagement and recognize the value they add.

The opportunity to forge meaningful relationships and work with role models

We have learned that employees who add real value to client engagements right from the start are much more likely to enjoy a more purposeful experience – especially when they have the opportunity to work directly with clients. There is more personal interaction with the clients on a more consistent level and a greater chance to learn key lessons from other MTL professionals in a hands-on environment. 

Staff is encouraged to mentor as well as be mentored. This philosophy gives them the chance to help others as well as being helped themselves. As this commitment to mentoring behavior has permeated our firm, we have realized that the teacher often learns more from the interaction than the student! This is exactly what we hope for as we develop strong professionals, giving them the chance to strengthen their interpersonal skills as well as their technical expertise. 

The opportunity to be well-treated and respected

Every year we conduct annual reviews. Over and over again, our employees reaffirm their satisfaction with our culture, with their opportunities, and with the benefits we offer that demonstrate our commitment to their careers. 

To continue driving employee loyalty to MT&L, we know we must also show our loyalty to them as well. We approach this in many different ways, but especially by offering significant benefits designed to ensure our employees have a great experience and the chance to build a highly successful career. These include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous annual raises
  • Holiday and year-end bonuses
  • A robust healthcare package (HSA)
  • Four weeks paid time off for all staff (five weeks for managers and above)
  • A flexible work environment that supports on-site learning experiences with the convenience of remote work hours

At MT&L we seek a balanced approach, providing every team member with the experiences they most appreciate as they continue through their career journey.

We invite you to learn more about our firm as you review the career opportunities that are available.  We would be honored to meet you and have a discussion on how our unique culture can be the added advantage you seek!