75 years of experience

Our longevity in the community enables us to share insights, prepare for emerging trends, and apply our experience to address every client’s specific needs.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts Our professionals offer a depth of industry knowledge that gives clients a competitive advantage.

Seasoned Advisors

Our professionals do not train on the job; rather we are problem solvers who come prepared with years of experience to lead, guide and suggest smart solutions.

Effective Solutions

We use a combination of ideas to evaluate every situation, give clients the best of all possible perspectives and achieve the desired results.

People do business with people they like and trust. It is as simple as that. At Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis we understand that our clients choose advisors who provide smart suggestions based on an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of their industry sector, their past, present and potential future circumstances, their unique professional and personal concerns, and their strategy for growth. At our firm, this approach is the basis of our core promise to our clients.

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Our Industries

Our Services

Accounting, Audit & Assurance

At the heart of every business is the financial data that supports educated decision making. Our audit professionals provide accurate information combined with industry experience for the best possible client experience.

Business Consulting

Clients need more than numbers to reach smart conclusions. That is why we work with clients at every stage of their growth, focusing on the story beyond the reports to craft short and long term strategies for success and profitability.

Trust & Estate Services

We know how important estate planning is to our clients and to their peace of mind. That is why we have assembled a team of professionals who are committed to proactively assist with the development and administration of their estate plans.

Our individualized attention extends to our tax practice as well. It is here where we are committed to helping clients with tax projections and advice that takes into consideration a fluid environment and changing tax laws to avoid future complications.